Friday, December 19, 2014

Grave Stompers "Black Leather Ghouls From Fiendsville"

(Crazy Love Records 2014)

Grave Stomp
Borgo Pass
Getting On
Cemetery After Sunset
Awake By The Moon
Black Leather Ghouls From Fiendsville
The Spook
Phantom Rock
Black Bat
Rockin' At The Boneyard
Wraith Undead
Nocturnal Graveyard Mysticism

I think this is the fourth album from the German psychobilly stalwarts. I have three more anyway and I'm always right. It's a mixed bag musically with some of the songs having somewhat of a Cramps vibe to them in that they're dark mid-tempo compositions but with more of an emphasis on the billy rather than the trash. With that said though, the tracks on here would have blended nicely with the stuff to be heard on the Blood On The Cats series of LPs from back in the day. Actually they would have blended better than half the shite they stuck on there that shouldn't have been on there in the first place. It's not all doom and gloom though, well it is, but with more of a slap-happy neo rockabilly slant and of course psychobilly on other tracks. The album title and song titles really sum the whole thing up. You know exactly what to expect. It would make the perfect accompanying soundtrack to a 1950s B movie horror flick. Well, one that would have been immediately banned by the censors. 

The O'Prez