Sunday, February 4, 2018

Henry And The Bleeder "Looking Backwards"

(The Western Star Recording Company 2018)

'87 Bound
I Gotta Rock On (For You)
Day Trippin'
Too Many Heartaches
Vicious Circle
This Town
No Regrets
Weed Farmer
Letter To Moseley
Gypsy King
Man With The World At His Feet

I liked Henry And The Bleeders since the first time I saw their video for Hillbilly In A Psycho Band. It was those shouty hiccuping vocals that reeled me in. I pre-ordered this the minute I became aware of its imminent release. On this album the lads are veering off in all sorts of directions whilst still retaining that Bleeders raw energy. Don't worry though, the directions they take are not to the land of shite. Let's face it, the music we like has all sorts of influences but influences that stem from good music! And that' what you get here! Good music! I could throw a load of genres into the ring when attempting to explain the sounds betwixt the silver optical data delights on this album but I'll just create a new one, no I won't. It's impossible to pigeon-hole em. The boxofchocolatesabilly (oh wait, I just did) quartet, really do have something for everyone with even a modicum of taste and prove to be a gorge-fest for those that like it all. If you liked the variety of the Klub Foot line ups from way back when but want a current band with that youthful vigour and in-your-face attitude then snap this one up. 
The O'Prez

Haystacks Calhoon "Good, Good Night Out"

(Self released 2018)

Good Good Night Out
Good To Be Home
Glow In The Dark
Another Minute With You

Who? Eh? Well that's what I said (in my mind, because I have no real friends to talk aloud to) when vox-man and slap bassist of Haystacks Calhoon (Who? Eh?) sent me the link to his new outfit. Psychobilly types will know our Eddie from his previous combo The Hoodoo Voodoo Dolls. Well his new ensemble have just released a 6-track mini album and it's available from their bandcamp page in digital download and sexy CD format. Anyway, so what do Haystacks Calhoon sound like? Well, they call themselves Swampabilly but I'll elaborate on that. They're melodious as fuck and their songs are cleverly constructed social commentaries on every day life with a twist of dark humour. Musically it's rootsy rockabilly and it's lyrically and vocally stylistically reminiscent of the excellent Terry And Gerry. And..I don't think I've ever typed so many words one after the other ending in "ally". Haystacks Calhoon are the kind of band that make me immediately sit up and take notice. Let's face it, we all love things ending in "billy" but a lot of it is samey and uninspired so when a band like this comes along it's always a welcome breath of fresh air. A rare breed of band that stamp their own identity on our chosen sub culture. 
The O'Prez