Monday, January 21, 2019

Crazy Love Records - Vinyl Reissues.

Guido over at Crazy Love Records has gone ballistic in recent times reissuing some psycho and rockin' classics on vinyl. Have a gander below at all the goodies on offer from the prince of pristine and his label of loot!

Originally released back in 2003 as a CD-only album, you can now get your claws on it in both black and orange vinyl. The orange pressing is a hand-numbered limited edition of 108.

Buy the black vinyl here!
Buy the orange vinyl here!!

 This 2005 release from Rockabilly Mafia is also seeing its first outing on vinyl. Again we have two colours to choose from. Hard man black and gigolo red. The red is a hand-numbered limited edition of 110.

Buy the black vinyl here!
Buy the red vinyl here!!

Two tracks from Demented Are Go which were first featured back in 1985 on the Hell's Bent On Rockin' compilation album. Not only have we three colours to choose from (black, red and orange...the red is limited to 54 copies and the orange to 56) but the sound on this release is superior to the original vinyl release.

Buy the black vinyl here!
Buy the red vinyl here!!
Buy the orange vinyl here!!!

Late last year Stomp Records gave us the Gutter Demons 5th studio album. You can read my review of it here if you haven't already. Anyway, our Guido has licensed a vinyl release of the 12 inch throbber on both black and silver vinyl. You guessed it, the silver is a limited edition.

Buy the black vinyl here!
Buy the silver vinyl here!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Spectre "Spectre"

(Killjoy Records 2018)

Out Of Time
I've Been Fine

Hailing from East LA this is the début release from Spectre. What grabbed me by the scrote immediately was that bass. Guitar is to metal as slap bass is to psychobilly. And on this record that slap bass sound has been expertly mixed and mastered by Steven Venegas. It ricochets all over every song and you can hear those notes! This is something that more often than not gets lost in the mix. All you'll hear is a series of clicks but not so here. That Weight Watchers dodging big bulbous violin takes centre stage. The guitar has undertones of Latin American styling  in conjunction with a nice clean old school rockin' sound. Vocally, Andres has somewhat of an unusual style. It's like a hybrid of singing and talking. Stalking! Yes. That's it. Initially there were 50 transparent black ones available from the band but I don't know if they're still available and 50 grey ones available from Killjoy (still available I think) and the rest in good auld black. Click the links below to find out more about the boys and of course add this crackin' release to your bulging collection.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Rusty Robots "Sweethearts, Kisses, Bloody Knives"

(Killjoy Records 2018)

Sweethearts, Kisses, Bloody Knives
The Last Man On Earth
Dust To Dust (Demo)

My jockstrap split at the seams when Anna from Killjoy Records sent me a package which contained the latest 7 inch from everyone's favourite no bullshit old school psychobilly trio The Rusty Robots. Kicking things off is a cute child's voice with an equally cute German accent saying "Rusty Robots" before the cuteness abruptly ends and the slaptastic rhythms kick in. There are 3 songs of infectious psychobilly to be had here and each one is a keeper...even the demo...which does NOT sound like a demo. The guitar has a nice blend of reverb, twang and heel damping. Coupled with a nice rich snare drum and echo-laden tom toms and finely slapped bass, it is what it is...the epitome of psychobilly. Melodically the boys are on point with each song title aptly named for the sounds to follow. The Last Man On Earth is case in point. The musical structure oozes 1960s sci-fi. The three-song-slab-of sexiness has a lyrically morbid range of subject matter juxtaposed by music that you can't sit still to. I always wanted to use "juxtaposed" in a review. Life goals complete.