Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Spastiks "Demo EP"

 (The Spastiks 2015)

Radiation Baby
Rubber Legs
Big Black Bug

My mate Tim (guitarist from New York's The Spastiks) sent me their demo CD (along with a pair of  XXXXL women's knickers) in the post. For a demo CD it actually sounds more like a finished product. (The knickers were soiled). The boys are obviously serious about their art. Lyrically though "serious" doesn't come in to the equation. Stylistically it's very old school psychobilly with plenty of rockabilly twang and comic book stories told through the medium of song. It's like a Guana Batz/Krewmen mash-up with maybe a hint of The Cramps. The whole thing is driven along with a solid slap bass and drums backbeat and features a vocalist that doesn't rely on growling bullshittery to transform his voice from rockabilly to psychobilly. It's a sexy little teaser of what the lads have in store for us. All we have to do now is wait for Tim to stop perusing the ladies undergarmentry section of his local charity shop and round up the rest of the lads (found modelling the aforementioned ladies the same charity shop) and record an album. Shower of sex-cases.
The O'Prez