Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Beat Devils "Night Falls Down" (music video)

Bit of an unusual one this time around. Unusual as in it's not a record review but a video review. The Beat Devils...a name that instantly conjures up tones of power neo rockabilly and psychobilly have made their first music video for their song Night Falls Down. And...it's not what you'd expect at all. The boys have ventured in to the country...perhaps gothic country field and the result is something that is sure to have Johnny Cash tapping on his coffin lid with glee. Filmed at dusk, with some gorgeously dark scenery, the footage lends itself perfectly to the lyrical content. The chorus reverberates in your head long after the song has finished. The ponces in Nashville could take a leaf out of the Beat Devils book when it comes to writing country. Why's that? Because the shite they're passing off as country in Nashville these days isn't fucking county...it's soft rock sung with a southern accent. That's why. Anyway, the Beat Devils have given us some excellent projects in the past and this is no different. Proving once again that they are no one-trick ponies. It gets on my tits in one way that the talent the boys possess gets ignored by the major players in the record industry but with that said, in another way I'm glad that these moguls remain clueless as fuck knows what kind of homogenized watered down piss they'd turn it in to. But I digress, have a look and a listen. It's not for the cringe-worthy line dancing brigade but for the true connoisseurs of good music.
The O'Prez

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Smell Of Kat "A Dream Of One Thousand Katz"

(Smell Of Kat 2015)

A Dream Of One Thousand Katz
Close To Me
The Man Who Cannot Die

Neo Rockabilly stalwarts Smell Of Kat are back with a limited edition 7" EP in various colours and it's a top notch release from the boys. Stylistically it's right on the border between neo rockabilly and old school psychobilly. Whereas a lot of bands try to emulate that classic 80s sound, the lads don't have to. It is their sound. It's exactly what you'd expect from Smell Of Kat. Their past catalogue is brimming with psycho rockin' treats and this is no different. Clean echo-laden guitar driven along with a tight slap bass and drums back beat. The quintessential ingredients for a night of aural sex. This is one of those releases where 4 songs just aren't enough. The teasing Spanish feckers! Hopefully a full album is imminent as they've left me with blue ears....yeah that's right, blue ears..the auditory version of blue balls. You'd want to snap this one up fast as it's almost sold out. Imagine the life of regret and dismay you'll live if you don't heed my words. This EP is sure to become a classic on the scene and a collector's item. Put yer hands in yer pockets ye miserable shower o'bastards and support one of the best bands on the circuit.
The O'Prez

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rockabilly Mafia "ROW!"

(Crazy Love Records 2015)

Cutaway Bob
Tu' Was
Beat Up A Lady
Sentenced To Rock
Michael's Last Ride
Since We Ain't Together
One Note
Maltman's Razor
Straße Nach Elmshorn
Ich Weiß Bescheid

Ah yes. Rockabilly Mafia. They look like a Ted band but sound like an early 80s neo rockabilly band. This isn't a love em or hate em kind of band. Everyone loves Rockabilly Mafia. So here they are again with an album full of primal neo rockabilly beats. The drum and bass sound on this album have a kind of jungle sound going on...a bit like Batmobile's Bambooland album. Loads of tom-tom drums (the snare even sounds like a tom) and that all-important woody resonance on the slap bass. Whereas by no means a psychobilly outfit, some psychobilly bands could take a leaf out of Michel "Ted" Harbeck's book and actually sing but sound psychotic at the same time. The lads have always had a crossover appeal. They could quite easily feel right at home at a Ted, Rockabilly or Psychobilly festival. This was never as true as it is on this album. It's rockabilly done right. Not some safe museum piece with a rule book included. Fuck me I hate that shit. Rockabillies in the 50s weren't trying to sound safe. Some of the stuff they recorded sounded like shite because the recording equipment they had was shite. Why replicate that? Rockabilly Mafia have no interest in sounding "authentic" as is obvious on this album. Rockabilly is supposed to be wild, right? The Mafia boys obviously think so. Never taking themselves too seriously and just having a good time which in turn emanates from the recordings. Crazy Love have done an excellent job on the packaging. The album comes in a digipak with 20 page booklet for added sex appeal. But we'd expect nothing less from our Guido, the dirty label-owning fecker. Look at him there. Teasing us with his big booklets! ..........................But anyway, an excellent release from Rockabilly Mafia which will appeal to just about any facet of the rockin' scene. Coming soon on vinyl too if you please!!
The O'Prez