Sunday, November 22, 2015

Smell Of Kat "A Dream Of One Thousand Katz"

(Smell Of Kat 2015)

A Dream Of One Thousand Katz
Close To Me
The Man Who Cannot Die

Neo Rockabilly stalwarts Smell Of Kat are back with a limited edition 7" EP in various colours and it's a top notch release from the boys. Stylistically it's right on the border between neo rockabilly and old school psychobilly. Whereas a lot of bands try to emulate that classic 80s sound, the lads don't have to. It is their sound. It's exactly what you'd expect from Smell Of Kat. Their past catalogue is brimming with psycho rockin' treats and this is no different. Clean echo-laden guitar driven along with a tight slap bass and drums back beat. The quintessential ingredients for a night of aural sex. This is one of those releases where 4 songs just aren't enough. The teasing Spanish feckers! Hopefully a full album is imminent as they've left me with blue ears....yeah that's right, blue ears..the auditory version of blue balls. You'd want to snap this one up fast as it's almost sold out. Imagine the life of regret and dismay you'll live if you don't heed my words. This EP is sure to become a classic on the scene and a collector's item. Put yer hands in yer pockets ye miserable shower o'bastards and support one of the best bands on the circuit.
The O'Prez

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