Saturday, March 12, 2016

Blue Rockin' "Back To Blue"

(Crazy Love Records 2016)

Deep Red Wine
Evil Eyes
I Hope You Die
Insane Thoughts
Gone Daddy Gone
Keep On Walking
Part Of The Game
One Night One Day
Wasting My Time
Serial Killer Dance
Last Goodbye
Loaded Gun

Blue Rockin', a band whose moniker (and album title) might lead one to believe that the ditties within are of the rhythm 'n' blues variety....WROOOOONG! Well, there might be a slight hint of blues here and there but anyone familiar with the band will be expecting some rough diamond neo rockabilly/psychobilly of the rockin' variety. Expectations met! 11 self-penned pounding, raw, raucous gems and a testicle-tightening cover of the Violent Femmes Gone Daddy Gone.There's a bit of a garage/trash element to their sound too which keeps the whole thing fresh instead of getting bogged down in predictability. There's a lot more to this album than the 3 main ingredients of guitar, slap bass and drums. There are some appetising side-orders thrown in to the mix to make your ears salivate. It's a veritable cornucopia of sounds of the underground sex-fest. Ich fuckin' liebe Blue Rockin', me. 
 The O'Prez