Monday, January 18, 2016

The Raiderz "That Takes Care Of..."

(The Raiderz 2015)
Cowboy Of Death
The Truth Feels Like I'm Sick
Waiting For My baby
In The Jungle
Stranger Of The Night
The Bogeyman
Water And Wine
Germany seems to be thee mecca for all things Neo Rockabilly and Psychobilly. There are bands in abundance. Taking up the neo gauntlet are Dresden's Raiderz. Recorded by Flatty of Killjoy Records fame and brought to your greedy hands and ears by the band themselves, it's a 100% self-made affair. They remind me of The Rapids in places. I love The Rapids. They have a neo rockabilly crossed with western kind of sound but with that rawness that almost makes them psychobilly, but not quite. For what is essentially a demo CD, or a sampler would maybe be a better description, it's obvious the boys have some fresh ideas as is evident by their intelligent lyrics and not that endless dross about Cadillacs (rockabilly) or having sex with corpses (psychobilly). They get the thumbs up for that alone. I'd like to hear what the boys would come up with in the studio for their first official release. But as an introduction to their sound, this has certainly piqued my interest. You can contact the band directly to get your claws on this little gem through their Facebook or

The O'Prez

The Psyclocks "Don't Think, Feeeel!!!!!!!!"

(Killjoy Records 2015)

Radioactive Baby
Everybody Stomping
Zombie Walk
That's Alright

Tokyo's Psyclocks are back to titillate us with their latest slab of black vinyl (the colour ones are sold out) on Germany's Killjoy Records. When I first stuck this platter on my turntable I thought "Fuck me, Junichi sounds like Sparky on helium" but then I realised this particular 45rpm 7" should be set to 33rpm. I've said plenty of times in the past that I am NOT a fan of bands that deploy that sore throat vocal style (with the exception of DAG) but with that said I've now gone back to listen to Everybody Stomping for 4 times in a row. It's classic psychobilly at its best. No frills. The production values give it a kind of underground "sounds of the street" vibe. I love that kind of vibe. A soundtrack to our chosen subculture if you will. Sonically the record epitomises what psychobilly is in my head. Next time someone asks me what psychobilly is I'll just play em this record.

The O'Prez