Monday, February 9, 2015

Astro Zombies "Frogs Legs"

(Crazy Love Records 2015)

Frogs Legs
Alligator Man
Use My Axe
Zombie Now
Fish Fingers
Monster Stroll
Go Out!
Crazy Monkey
Burlesque Show
Attack Of The Green Farts
The Creatures

Be still my restless nipples. Today my postman forcibly shoved his big package through my slit and left me feeling like the happiest boy in Ireland. For inside was the brand spanking new album from the French connoisseurs of slaptastic rhythms the Astro Zombies. But enough gay innuendo. I'm a fanny-man me (Americans, over here that's the front bottom). Anyway, Frogs Legs...what a cracking fuckin' album. The aforementioned cuisine may not be my favourite culinary delight but I am partial to a fish finger so thanks Astro Zombies for including some on your menu of auricular fancies.This is psychobilly with oodles of billy. The way it should be. The slap bass is relentless. Unlike a lot of psychobilly though, it's not predictable. Yeah it's 3 guys with a guitar, double bass and drums singing songs about stuff that would be more suited to the pages of Viz than any deep and meaningful tome but it sounds fresh. That can't be an easy task what with the genre being now over 30 years old. That's the best thing about psychobilly though when compared to its rockabilly relation. There are no rules so inspiration can come from anywhere or any other musical genre. But Jaysus the boys are on top form here. I have all their previous stuff in my collection and all too often people, or indeed the band, will claim their latest release is their best work yet. Well, this is. The artwork for the packaging suits the sounds on the album perfectly. Clean and clear. The songs on here have the rare trait of reverberating through your skull after you've finished listening. For years there have been a handful of releases that have become classics of the genre. In years to come this will be one of them. Je aime les Astro Zombies. Did you see what I did there? I'm on a roll! ....or a baguette......I'll get me coat :(

The O'Prez

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