Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Quaranteds "World Wide Quarantine"

(Crazy Love Records 2015)

Johnny's A Commie
Exotic Girls
Ride This Torpedo
King Of The Night
White Wedding

Holy Jaysus this 7 dittied silver platter gave me a right kick in the bollix and no mistake! Right from the get-go the clean guitar and machine gun slap bass grabbed me by the scrote and refused to let go. I had no pre-conceived notions before listening to this, the second outing from LA's The Quaranteds. They've been around a while and my ex-girlfriend was always singing their praises (she knows em personally....see? I have worldwide connections...what a cosmopolitan guy) but all she ever showed me was dodgy quality videos she recorded on her phone so I never really bothered me arse checking them out further. WHAT A GOBSHITE! The boys are brilliant! 5 originals and 2 covers (Ride This Torpedo features guest vocals from that dapper bastard Gator McMurder of Bea Pickles/Coffin Draggers fame) and it's all in-your-face psychobilly of the tough guy variety. In its essence, psychobilly is a more ballsy, aggressive, punch in the throat version of rockabilly and this is exactly what the lads have captured here. I fucking love it! It reminds me of when I was 15 and heard The Guana Batz for the first time (having grown tired of the sugar coated rockabilly dross that was doing the rounds at the time) and thinking to myself "fuck sake, THIS is what I've been looking for". It's psychobilly like it used to be in its heyday over this side of the pond. Now it appears that heyday has moved Stateside. The boys do it right. Straight-up psychobilly with no pretentiousness. 
The O'Prez

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