Monday, December 14, 2015

Gutter Demons "Unfinished Business"

(Falsetto Records 2015)

Digging Up
After Dark
Phantom Creep
Unfinished Business

A few years back the Gutter Demons decided to be a trio of cunts and disband. This left me in utter dismay. Sure, I tried to love other bands but it just turned out to be nothing more than lust. I felt so cheap. I was ashamed. I could hardly even bring myself to put on my headphones at one stage. The sense of loss coupled with the sense of abandonment was just overwhelming. I pleasured myself nightly to other psychobilly outfits but it was no good. Then one night in 2014 whilst watching the ink bleed from a photo of Toxik as my tears alighted on his un-sliced loaf of bread styled quiff, I read the news that they were back together and a new album was in the pipeline. Well, after I changed my shirt (as my nipples had pierced the one I was wearing, such was my glee), I immediately became whole once more and stared at my computer screen waiting for the day the new album would be released. So, here we are now in 2015 and I have sores on my arse and bloodshot eyes but such scourges were worth the wait as the new album was pushed through my slit a few days ago. Now with a band like the Gutter Demons, where you have very high expectations, this could go either way. Are they going to go in a new direction after all these years OR are they going to hit us betwixt the thighs with an album full of instant Gutter Demons classics? Well right after the 56 second intro the answer presented itself in no uncertain terms. This is the Gutter Demons we all know and love. Pounding slap bass and drums, crunchy guitar and Toxik's distinctive vocals. I fuckin' love the Gutter Demons me and this album only cements that fact. Tucked away neatly between the originals is a fantastic cover of The Jiants "Tornado". When I saw the track listing I was hoping it was going to be this song. But the new batch of originals, fuck me but they're cleverly constructed lyrical masterpieces. One song I've always loved from the Gutter Demons was "Out Of Sight". Psychobilly ballads (if you could call them that..) have always appealed to me so one of thee standout tracks on this outing is "Pieces". Others to immediately grab me by the frenulum were Gutterkings, After Dark, Bloodfeast and Phantom Creep. These were all immediate favourites with the rest being of the variety that grow on you and sometimes surpass the immediate favourites over time. Now then, I won't be sticking up a sample track at the end of this as I noticed that in addition to the Falsetto logo on the back that there's also a Universal Music logo on there and those big boys can be a bit narky when it comes to that sort of thing. But the album can be sampled via all your favourite download sites or of course you can purchase the sexy CD that comes housed in digipak format with pristine artwork from Paskal Millet. That's what I did! Did I mention I love the Gutter Demons?

The O'Prez

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