Monday, February 1, 2016

The Nevrotix "Paranoid"

(Crazy Love Records 2016)

Mad About You
Hyena Bop
Moon Monster
Mummy Boy
Rampton Rage
Queen Of The Night
Panic Attack
Walking Dead

Gothenburg is home to two bands that have the most highly anticipated full length album releases in a long long time. The Test Pilots is one and The Nevrotix is the other. The latter landed on my plush red carpet the other day. An apt carpet and colour as this is indeed an outstanding début release. From the get-go I knew this was going to be something special. It kicks off with the rim of the snare being played which only added to the anticipation of what was to follow. Then there it was; the woody slap bass tone, the minor chord guitar and the vocals minus those much abhorred horror theatrics. The Nevrotix aren't comparable to any other band. Yes they play a classic concoction of psychobilly/neo rockabilly but I can't detect any obvious influences. They do their own thing. Psychobilly seems to go through phases. Sometimes called first, second or third generation psychobilly. Sometimes it's more punk, sometimes metal, sometimes hardcore. Eventually though it all comes full circle and goes back to what it was originally. Rockabilly for the lunatic fringe. Rockabilly with no rule book and played with a big pair of hairy bollocks. This is how The Nevrotix play their brand of psychobilly/neo rockabilly. Original name, original sound, I fuckin' love em. You can get the album directly from The Nevrotix or from Guido over at Crazy Love Records and all the usual mail order aficionados that stock non-shite related releases.

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