Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Klingonz "Klownz 'Я' Us"

(Drunkabilly Records 2016)

Klownz 'Я' Us
Alcoholic Klown
Fellatio Academy
Honk Time Boogie
Where's Captain Kirk
Your Mother Is A Whore

 Yup ya bai ya! The Klingonz are back with a new platter courtesy of the purveyors of bad taste over at Drunkabilly Records. It's out on CD and a limited edition orange vinyl pressing (which includes the CD), only 500 of these though mind, so hurry the fuck up. Now then, I first saw the Klingz back in 1988 or 89 at the Santa Pod psychobilly weekender. That is, I saw them acting the bollix in the back of a van. I can't remember if they actually played or not. The whole thing is a blur. But, I did purchase their Psycho's From Beyond album from the record stall and when I got home and played it I didn't know what to make of em. Back then I liked fanny loads of rockabilly in me psychobilly and well, the Klingz weren't exactly in that niche. The more I played it though, the more I liked it. They were an acquired taste. Anyway, I've bought every album they've released since then and each one is, like me (as my ex-girlfriends will attest to), a grower, not a shower. This new one is a real mixed-bag of psychobilly, punkabilly, punk'n'roll and a bit of good auld céilíbilly flung in too for the craic. The punk'n'roll stuff I can take or leave but the psychobilly stuff is pure klingabilly klass! There's a circus vibe running throughout the album too which is no surprise given the whole clown thing the lads have going on. Psychobilly nerdists will have perky nipples when they hear some fine fiddling by one Mr. Simon Cohen on the album. Fuck me, there's even some piano and saxophone on here too which isn't usually listed on your Kling nutritional information leaflet. In all, the album has a more punk-infused sound than previous Klingonz output (maybe influenced by the departure of Doyley and Strangy) but with that said, it's undeniably that Klingonz sound we're all familiar with. I took a punt on it out of me hard earned dole money and I'm glad I did.

The O'Prez

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