Tuesday, August 16, 2016

King Moroi "Let Me Out!!"

(Bellfire Records 2016)

Let Me Out
Dr. Cogan

Well, what have we here then? Only 7 inches of red vinyl sexiness from King Moroi, that's what! The A side is instantly memorable and stylistically reminds me somewhat of Asmodeus. It's a ballsy in-your-face ditty with a battle-cry chorus that begs to played on repeat. The lyrics are included on the sleeve which I always love to see. Kitty In A Casket appear briefly too for added sex appeal. It's a mid-tempo psychobilly stomper that will have us all pulling evil grimaces for just over 3 minutes. Well, I noticed my facial expression change whilst being transformed by the song anyway. Flip it over and we have an instrumental that's in stark contrast to the "fuck you!" stylings of the A side. Another mid-paced ditty but this time around it's a very clean sounding neo rockabilly 2 minutes of pleasure. That's twice as long as my usual pleasure-time lasts! It's no mean feat to release something so eclectic seeing as there are only 2 songs! Horror Rudey has been drafted in on artwork duties once more. I like when bands use the same artist for their releases as it lends them a kind of instantly recognisable trademark; a bit like Geo Parkin with the Texans and Pieter M. Dorrenboom with Batmobile. King Moroi are one of the hardest working bands on the scene and are adamant that their efforts will see them rise within the ranks of psychobilly. The talent is there in spades so I can see that work ethic paying off. To grab hold of this platter you'll need to contact the band directly or pick it up at one of their shows. It's available in black as well as the aforementioned red vinyl and as a digital download for all you psychobillies from the future! No CD version will be forthcoming though.

The O'Prez

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