Sunday, December 11, 2016

Doghouse Rose "Bourbon & Gasoline"

(Broken Neck Records 2016)

Lurking In The Dark
Dead Or Alive
Another Day Goes By
I'm Gonna Drink
The Working Song
Waiting For You
You Should Know
Wild West
The Carnival Show
40 Days

Rebel country, cowpunk, rockabilly, hints of psychobilly, it's all going on on this the second album from Canada's Doghouse Rose. More than likely you'd find it in the country section of your record shop but that would be an unfair, or perhaps untrue classification. You can tell there's a melting pot of influences and not just from the usual mix of genres associated with our underground scenes. They also branch out into pop, rock and alternative territory making the whole thing refreshing and different. I love bands that push the boundaries. Rule books are for arse-wiping purposes if you ask me. On this album we have 12 songs written on 12 sheets of rule book shit tickets with which the rule makers can cleanse their anuses and......I think I'll just shut up now. You get the idea with that. So, Doghouse Rose have the enviable ability of being able to slot in on the bill at a country, rockabilly, psychobilly or punk show and go down a storm. Of course there would be a strong male contingent up front ogling the ravishing Sarah Beth....I mean...listening to her velvet vocals. Yes, that's it. Seriously though, that girl has a fine voice. I especially like it on slower parts when accompanied by mournful fiddle and lap steel. Vocals are shared between our Sarah Beth and bassist Jefferson "MegaJeff" Sheppard. His vocal stylings remind me a lot of Waylon Jennings. As a matter of fact, this album reminds me a lot of the Jennings, Cash, Nelson, Kristofferson Highwaymen ensemble and their whole outlaw country thing, only to my ears Doghouse Rose are streets ahead of anything The Highwaymen did. But then I'm no county purist and am listening to this with ears that grew up on rockabilly, psychobilly and punk. Doghouse Rose are my new favourite rebel country cowpunk rockabilly psychobilly pop rock alternative band. There. I've said it. Eventually.

The O'Prez

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