Friday, December 29, 2017

Moonshine Wagon "Porca Miseria"

(Broken Neck Records 2017)

Mad, Unhappy & Stupid
Porca Miseria
Running & Hiding
Everybody Lies
Eu Não Sei
I Better Live Alone
Where The Fuck Are My Friends
My Liver Is Trying To Survive

I really like this band. I like the vocals, the musicianship and the gritty honesty to their lyrics. Hailing from the Basque Country and calling themselves Hellgrass, what you get is an ultra-talented trio of pickers and slappers singing from the heart. Melodic folk-punk vocals atop a psychobilly slap bass and a combination of all your favourite acoustic instruments played with an adroitness that most of us would love to possess. It's mostly high speed stomping stuff but that fiddle playing adds a certain melancholy feeling to proceedings. I love that! I'm going to start a fan club and call it The Basque Street Boys....The Basque Street Boys! ....Anyone? Feck off then. The album is a hoedown-tastic bluegrass-with-balls banquet. The boys have obviously honed their respective skills through their incessant touring schedule. Fuck knows where they get the time to sit down and write songs of this calibre but they do. And what songs they are. Lyrically intelligent but not pretentious. They appeal to the common man. Basically, they take every day life happenings and make outstanding melodic rhymes out of them. Sounds simple enough but I'll be fucked if I could do that. The skills these three boys have are off the charts. The album is out now on limited (109 copies) red vinyl and sexy black vinyl on good auld Broken Neck Records.
The O'Prez

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