Friday, July 27, 2012

The Mutilators "Hot Rod Whore!"

(Stroked And Bored Records 2002)
Mule Skinner Blues            
Baby Let's 666ty Nine            
Teenage Pussy            
Gear Down Big Shifter            
Too Much            
No Cure            
Bad Bad Man            
Hot Rod Whore            
Lone Wolf            
Hot Rod Whore (Part 2)

Hailing from San Francisco and by far one of the wildest rockin' kombos you're EVER going to hear are the Mutilators. If you're in the mood for a 100mph psychotic rockabilly blitz then this album is for you. I'm always in the mood for such a quiff collapsing with sweat venture but nearly always find that no matter what album I select from my most sexy collection that some of the ingredients I crave in my rockin' freakout recipe just aren't there. Not so with this release from the Mutilators. It has it ALL! Insane vocals.. ballsy backing vocals.. extremely catchy ditties that are short and to the point.. maniacal musicianship (check those guitar breaks).. and of course pervtastic lyrics!

Now here's the deal... back in the day when "rockabilly" was accepted by the media and the trendy types on the street it was because it wasn't rockabilly at all. It was merely diluted rockabilly for the masses; somewhat like what's happening to the punk scene now with all that radio friendly MTV shite that's being churned out. Well the Mutilators are thee perfect antidote to all that. These boys are the real McCoy! With leopard skin and grease and punkrockabilly attitude in abundance you just can’t go wrong buying this disc. Punk Planet say the Mutilators are “like the Cramps and the Stray Cats… on speed” and that’s pretty much near the mark alright but in contradiction to that I must say that the Mutilators have a unique sound and originality which is immediately recognisable as the Mutilators and no one else.

My favourite track on here is “Baby, Let’s 666tynine” which has all the aforementioned ingredients I was talking about. It’s just over one and a half minutes of pulsating pervy punkrockabilly that begs the repeat key to be used….repeatedly!!
“Teenage Pussy” is self-explanatory and is, I suppose, the Mutilators take on Webb Pierce’s “Teenage Boogie”. Fannytastic stuff. Pun intended!! “Rat Rod” seems to start where “Baby, Let’s 666tynine” left off making it another fiery up-tempo little fucker of a song. “Bad Bad Man” was featured on their 1997 EP but this is a re-recorded version and even catchier than the first outing of said classic.

When the album ended I wanted more… and that’s exactly what I got with the convulsion inducing hidden bonus track! If this isn’t the most rabidly rockin’ album you buy this year then I’ll eat my Jack Jones boxer shorts…after I’ve scraped em clean of course…cos I shat meself with excitement listening to this album!

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