Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bombat Belus "if you Like us it's nice..."

(Self Released 2015)

The Whole World Will Be Dead! (Intro)
 Bad Moon Rising
 Bombat Belus Syndicate
 Wir Sind Die Roboter
 I'm So Lonesome Baby
Może Kiedyś Innym Razem
 Małe Piwko Z Kolegami
 Bad Wild West
 So Tragic!
 Biedna Psina (Remix)
Merciful Jaysus, typing out those Polish song titles took a lot of concentration! Now to sit back and relax to the soothing jazz-funk sounds brought to us on this, the second album from Bombat Belus. Ah yes, it's the stuff that exudes gentle finger clicking whilst wearing your beret and sipping herbal tea on your veranda overlooking the tranquil meadow glistening in the sun; almost as if it's a green ocean as the cool breeze gives the magical illusion of waves shimmering to and wait! Is it fuck. It's pounding in-your-face psychobilly is what it is. It's the stuff that exudes being pummelled in the wrecking pit whilst wearing your steel-toe boots as you spit neat whiskey out of your bloodied mouth by way of offering a medicinal pick-me-up to the mass of fallen bodies on the dance floor.  The boys sway slightly more towards the more punkier side of psychobilly as is evident by their inclusion of bass guitar as opposed to double bass. There are a couple of covers on here that I can't get enough of. I usually don't harp on about individual songs when doing these reviews but fuck me, their versions of Bad Moon Rising and I'm So Lonesome Baby have been on repeat for days. So there are some obvious rockabilly influences floating around in the loins of the band too. There's certainly an undeniable Meantraitors influence going on which I can hear in the guitar sound. This is quality stuff from the Polish purveyors of the peculiar. Next time though guys, release an all-English language album so as I don't have to spend 4 hours typing the song titles!! 
(The lads released this album themselves and in very limited quantities so, get in touch with them directly from the links at the end of this if it's not too late.)
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