Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Test Pilots "Deadly Rhythms"

(Street13 2015)

Blues In Zest
Deadly Rhythms
Cheap Rumance
Far Beyond Hell

Quality not quantity is order of the day on Sweden's trio of nimble-fingered ne're-do-wells The Test Pilots début EP. They're no strangers to the scene mind you what with their connections to Joe Hellraiser And The Graverobbin' Bastards in a previous life. The boys have released a couple of videos prior to this release which immediately peaked my interest. For a while there those videos were getting more views than my usual fare over on Pornhub. Such teasing little minxes. Aaaaanyway, I finally got me clutches on the EP and had a box of Kleenex at the ready in anticipation of the forthcoming sexy sounds. God I love aural sex. The lads are one of those bands that are on the borderline between neo rockabilly and psychobilly. The vocals are definitely leaning more towards psychobilly with the guitar sound being very reminiscent of The Blue Cats "The Tunnel" era material...especially their (The Blue Cats) "Man With A Mission" song. The Test Pilots are a lot ballsier though. The guitar solos are every bit as enjoyable as the melodies in the songs...and as memorable. Tony is an amazing guitar player. Obviously a LOT of work went in to crafting these songs. Excellent drum fills and bass lines turn the whole thing in to a very tight ensemble of sounds. Back to those vocals, when I say leaning more towards psychobilly, I don't mean it's all demonic growling (ie...shite!), I mean Matt has a raspy voice which suits psychobilly perfectly. Put simply, they can sing, they can play, they write their own fantastic songs...what more could you want? Maybe a bomb under Simon Cowell's car to send cunts of his ilk a message that this is where the REAL talent lies. But no one gives a fuck what they class as talent anyway. The Test Pilots = Talent.
The O'Prez

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