Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lucianos "Think Twice Before Cheating"

(Killjoy Records 2016)

Think Twice Before Cheating
Dark Angelo

Germany's Killjoy Records have unleashed upon us their new Buzzkill 45 series which gives a big nod in the direction of 1960's surf 45s. But this is no museum piece. Fresh out on the label is the new single from French powersurf trio the Lucianos. Featuring members of psychobilly demi-gods the Astro Zombies and Demented Are Go you just know this is going to be quality stuff before the needle hits the groove. The A side explains in no uncertain terms why this is referred to as powersurf. It's a surf instrumental with balls. Guitarist Gino Luciano must have forearms like Popeye the dextrous-fingered-freak of nature. There's a hint of Spaghetti Western going on too. The B side kicks off with a more subdued feeling. Perfect for sipping cocktails on the beach whilst being fanned by a palm leaf-holding native. However, as the song progresses you can forget all the sun and fun you normally equate with the original surf movement of the 1960s. There's an appealing dark vibe to this one (the clue was in the song title) which makes you think peril is just around the corner.

You can pick up the single from the band or from Killjoy Records (links below). It's a limited pressing of 500 copies: 400 black, 50 clear/white both of which are only available from the band or there's 50 blue which you can buy from Killjoy. Killjoy have also released a full length album from the boys on cassette Yes, cassette!

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