Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Nausea Bomb "Bonechestra"

(Crazy Love Records/Zombies Union Records 2016)

Death Floor
Dick Cut Drinker
Blood Fall
Pussycat Vampire
Wake Up Your Madness

More French nastiness to be had, this time coming from Nausea Bomb, a female-fronted punkabilly outfit with their new mini album out on a Crazy Love/Zombies Union Records collaboration. I say female-fronted which is true but vocals are shared with the male contingent in the band. Also, when I say punkabilly, I don't mean that annoying as fuck hardcore punk with a double bass; this is more of a 1970s anthemic-punk sound...with a double bass. For a quartet the sound is very full, with a lot going on rhythmically in the background. I only like a handful of punk bands as I'm very picky when it comes to that genre, but Nausea Bomb seem to be influenced by the same handful of punk bands that I like. In fairness I can't understand a word they're singing as it's in French but then I can barely understand most psychobilly lyrics sung in English anyway. The production is flawless which gives a kind of "live in the studio" feel where all the raw energy has been captured. Those choruses though are what makes Nausea Bomb stand out from the rest of their punkabilly cohorts. As I alluded to earlier, anthemic! A crackin' little release from Nausea Bomb with some crackin' little ditties to be heard. The album is available on CD and limited edition vinyl. Links below...

The O'Prez

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