Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Screaming Kids "Hasto Luego Mi Amor"

(Crazy Love Records 2017)

Le Bruit Des Anges
Encore Un Soir
Le Fossoyeur
Hasta Luego Mi Amor
Prends Le Comme Ca Vient
Ton Ame En Peine
A 4 Dans La BM
Tes Magies
Petit Chaperon Rouge

Waaaait a minute...Screaming "Kids"? These boys are taking the piss. It's been 27 years since their first album saw the light of day on Nervous Records. Well I suppose like the rest of us in the psychobilly world they probably have the mental age of 12 so I'll gloss over that. So what are they like now? I prefer em now. I can't understand a word they're singing (see song titles) (my French teacher would be so proud) but then again I have trouble understanding psychobilly when sang in English! Straddling the lines between power rockabilly and psychobilly with some fine vocals it reminds me a bit of their fellow countrymen The Lucky Devils. It's more than evident that the lads haven't left their instruments in the attic for the past 27 years as there's some top notch playing to be heard. All instruments seem to ricochet off one and other. There's passion in the playing and indeed the singing. Petit Chaperon Rouge (Little Red Riding Hood) isn't a cover of the old Sam The Sham favourite but is a Kids original and finishes out the album in such a way that you want to go back and listen to it all over again. Instant classic that song! Once again 2017 just seems to offer up more and more stellar releases. Out now for your wallet-emptying pleasure on Crazy Love on both vinyl and CD. You know you want it...
The O'Prez

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