Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Wreck "The Nosferatu"

(Crazy Love Records 2017)

The Nosferatu
The Day The Earth Stood Still

While the rest of the psychobilly world is off in Pineda sunning their pasty arses I'm stuck here in overcast Ireland wiping mine. But that's not a bad thing exactly. For you see, such was my excitement upon receiving the new teaser-single from everyone's soon-to-be favourite band The Wreck, that I immediately shat in my lace panties...I mean...boxer shorts. Yes, that's it. Boxer shorts. *crickets* ...But anyway, there's been a lot of media attention regarding this band, a bit of a super-group really if you care to read their bio on their Facebook page. So they're not just a Johnny-Come-Lately outfit. Do they live up to the hype though? Put it this way, I fuckin' love this two-shantied-shite-inducing disc-o-delights! Now from what I can garner from Crazy Love is that it's a limited edition release...one copy with each order of the forthcoming album. If the rest of the album maintains the quality of the two songs on offer here then I think it's going to be a contender for the Hellacious Harmonies album of the year and there's plenty of stiff competition so far. Apart from the pristinely-produced psychobilly beats, what I especially love is the vocals. They have somewhat of a new wave tonality to them. For my money their impending album is going to be exemplary. Let's just hope it doesn't get pirated....pirated...did you see what I did there? Feck off then!
The O'Prez

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