Saturday, January 21, 2017

Knuckles "First Fury"

 (Crazy Love Records 2017)
Mouth Wide Slut
Needlehill Outlaw
Devils Eyes
Dust & Bones
Port Royal
Bad Gin
Necropolis Railway
Drunken Fury
Blackout Boogie

What have we here then? I'd never heard of Knuckles until this album seemed to appear out of nowhere on Crazy Love. Interest piqued (before I received the album) I had a gander around the world wide web...well...Facebook and discovered it's actually a bit of a super group comprising of members from three Finnish outfits. Namely, punk'n'roll combo Hasta la Vista Social Club, Cosmic Cockfish Jukebox and Jalkiabortti. Now I have to admit, out of those three, only Cosmic Cockfish Jukebox are in my CD collection. So I "kind of" had an idea of what the band may be all about and I wasn't too far off the mark. But with that said, it's a lot more explosive than I thought it would be. It's high octane stuff and no mistake. The slap bass rhythm of psychobilly blended with the punch in the throat delivery of punk'n'roll. The lads have an angry, violent sound. A soundtrack for street fights. Equal parts rockin' twang and punk crunch. The production is pristine and the songs have those melodies and choruses where you can easily visualise being pummelled in the pit. If you look past the initial aggression of the music, you'll find some clever and very well written lyrics to boot. You could call em passionate...but not in the romantic sense...more-so in the anger issues sense! Just the way I like it. The album is available on CD, black vinyl and limited edition silver vinyl (103 hand numbered copies). Links to buy all that sexiness below...

The O'Prez

Knuckles on Facebook
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Buy the Black Vinyl
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Hellacious Harmonies on Facebook

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