Friday, January 13, 2017

Mental Bait "Psycho Party"

(Brainbug Records 2016)

Slot Hell
Novinky Loony Bin
Death Race
Psycho Party

It's been a couple of years since Mental Bait kicked us in the bollocks (or fanny...hi girls) with their début album. I remember my attention was well and truly grabbed by the man-marbles with that record. Well, much to my sonic delight, the lads are back with a sexy new 4 track EP on Brainbug Records. It's a limited edition (300 copies) blue wax blisterer of a release. Our Oscar Hertin has been drafted in on art de farty duties and as you'd expect he's done an excellent job. God he makes me sick. Musically it's the perfect progression from the first album. Production-wise it has a fuller sound. But then that's to be expected as the boys are now a four-piece outfit with an additional guitar player. Keeping true to form there's some catchy-as-fuck song writing with sing-a-long choruses featuring that anthemic feel they captured so well on their previous output. Ballsy hard man psychobilly with oodles of attitude and chanting backing vocals. I fuckin' love it me. The only problem I have with this release is that it's too short. I'm gagging for the next full length...wait, that doesn't sound right...and I'm still on that sex offenders register...I am most looking forward to the next album as it will be numerically superior in the tunes department. yes, that's it.

The O'Prez

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