Sunday, November 20, 2016

Death Valley Surfers "More.....Beer"

(Punkabilly Records 2016)

More (Beer)
Dead Man's Surf (Hanging 10)
Milner (Dix Mix)

If there's one thing I like more than The Highliners and King Kurt, then it's a combination of both,
which is pretty much what Death Valley Surfers is. Fronted by ex-Highliner Russ Surfer on vox and guitar, with the man with the massive horn, John Reddington of King Kurt fame on sax, Dick Dynamite of Doppelgängers fame slapping the bass, Jay Vee tapping his organ and more besides and Karl Väster on foreskins. There are some guest musicians and backing vocalists on here too which all add to the pissed-up party atmosphere. From the opening hoedown of More (Beer) through to the garage-surf of Dead Man's Surf (Hanging 10) to the rootsy country-rockabilly twang of Milner (Dix Mix), it's an eclectic little package of pearls. Our Dick Dynamite even gets a chance to flex his multi-instrumentalist skills on dobro and fiddle. For such a bunch of lads that are clearly out to have a laugh and take the piss, their musical skills are no laughing matter. There's talent in abundance running throughout this three-track CD single. Naturally it's very reminiscent of The Highliners and King Kurt output but it's a lot more rockin'. Milner really reminds me of Eddie Tudor-Pole's Hayrick Song-era stuff. Comparisons aside, Death Valley Surfers are their own band and bring all their past ensembles and current influences together to give us a scorching little three track package of tunes that reminds us that psychobilly is actually supposed to be fun.

The O'Prez

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