Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Kings Of Nuthin' "Get Busy Livin' Or Get Busy Dyin'"

(Crazy Love Records 2016)

Let It Burn
King For A Day
Other Side Of Hope
Get Busy Livin' Or Get Busy Dyin'
Playing The Fool
Miss April
Kings Of Nuthin'
Boston Bound
My Hometown
Where Do We Go?

This is the first release from Boston-based punk rock rhythm 'n' blues outfit The Kings Of Nuthin'. Originally released back in 2000 on Reckloose Records, it saw a couple of vinyl releases (both on Crazy Love Records) in 2001 and another CD release in 2003 on Bad Dog Records. Lead singer Torr Skoog died tragically in June 2013 and this month would have marked his 40th birthday. So it's only fitting that we should remember him and his unique band with this timely reissue of a début album that was both ground breaking and led the way for a succession of follow-up albums that cemented the band firmly as one of the most unique and wildest ensembles to ever put their stamp on the term rock'n'roll. Skoog's vocals are like a deranged Little Richard. They say rockabilly was the original punk rock. The music on this album would have caused mass panic in the 1950s when the terrified US media branded rock'n'roll the Devil's Music. It's sweaty, raucous, in-your-face rock'n'roll with lashings of rhythm 'n' blues and rockabilly with a big pair of hairy punk bollocks being pressed into your eye sockets. They slow it down here and there for some heartfelt slower numbers but for the most part it's all violent rock'n'roll. The perfect music to get drunk to, to dance to, the fight to....or give your girlfriend a good rogering to! It's available now on black vinyl and limited edition golden vinyl from Crazy Love Records.

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