Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nekromantix "A Symphony Of Wolf Tones & Ghost Notes

(Hellcat Records 2016)

Glow In The Dark
War Bats
Mind Mausoleum
Cry Yourself To Sleep
Cabin Fever
Creeping It Real
Resting Witch Face
Were Coyotes Of Rose Hill
No More Room In Hell
Ghost Babe

Having came to psychobilly through the rockabilly/neo rockabilly route it wasn't long before the first wave of psychobilly wasn't leaving me satiated. I needed it harder and faster (ooooh matron) and within a relatively short time period the second wave of psychobilly kicked off, arguably spearheaded by Denmark's Nekromantix, and I was satiated once more. A fanny-load of releases and line-up changes later and indeed a move across the Atlantic and here we are in 2016 with the band's 10th album (9th studio album). I was 20 when the first one came out and got hooked on all things Nekromantix from that day to this. The common consensus appears to be that Curse Of The Coffin is thee Nekromantix album. For me it has always been Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend. But fuck it I like all their albums! Fans...some fans...almost dismissed the Nekromantix when all traces of Sandorff had been taken out of the equation, feeling the trademark Nekromantix sound had began to dwindle or transform into something almost too "Hot Topic". However, I'm never swayed by anyone's opinions (whether it's the popular opinion or not) and I make up my own mind. Anyway, on to the task in hand. I've had this album for a while now. When I first got it I gave each track a quick listen...quick as in not even waiting for the choruses to kick in. "Typical Nekromantix" I thought. "I'll come back to it". This happens with every Nekromantix release. I need to shut meself off from all distractions and actually "listen" to their albums. This way my initial thought of "typical Nekromantix" goes out the window as the songs unfold and the technical brilliance kick me right up the hole. Anyone missing the old Nekroman/Sandorff sound can perk up as the Nekroman/Mesa compositions on here are very reminiscent of that era. The handful of naysayers over on Psychobilly Worldwide haven't a leg to stand on with this release (not that anyone gives a shit about their petty bullshit anyway). Nekroman has always sounded and looked the part when conjuring up an audio/visual description of psychobilly. If the 1922 Nosferatu got together with some of his solar-challenged chums and made a record, the resultant sounds would be the tunes on A Symphony Of Wolf Tones & Ghost Notes. The thing about the Nekromantix is that they're unique. They don't sound like anyone else. They're one of the rare bands that influence others as opposed to being influenced by others. Monster Metal at its finest. 

The O'Prez

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