Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Black Rose Phantoms "Betrayers"

(Crazy Love Records 2016)

Oath Of An Outlaw
Pick Your Poison
Not Much To Live For
Cocaine Covered Hills (Featuring Mikey Classic)
No Redemption Found
Shooting Sparrows
The Long Road To Hell
Chasing Devils
Another Bourbon Night
Old Regrets
Til The Whiskey Runs Out
Written In Blood
Crazy Ale For A Crazy Heart
If I Die Tomorrow
Weighing Sins And Forgiveness

Right then, if you know The Black Rose Phantoms then you'll be expecting some hardcore metal infused gothic psychobilly. Well grab some 4-ply toilet paper and wipe your arse with those expectations as this is quite the departure from the Phantoms usual fare. It's not a pretentious concept album though. What we have here is the lads going all country! Well slap-a-mah thigh...over a bit...up a a bit...gentle....oooooh yeah! Having listened to the album I was surprised to see it on Crazy Love Records and not on their Broken Neck subsidiary
label as the sounds on here are more akin to the rustic stomp roster of bands they have on there. Good auld Mikey Classic of Goddamn Gallows fame guests on the album too with some fine yodelling! I fuckin' love yodelling me. Anyway, the album features a more subdued Black Rose Phantoms  (for the most part...there is of course a lot of stomping gypsy-esque hoedown stuff too) with all the elements you'd find in proper country and not that absolute bollocks Nashville passes off as country these days. Lap steel, mandolin, banjo...all backed up with the classic rockabilly/psychobilly combination of twangy guitar, slap bass and drums. I'm used to the lads playing at 100 mph so on this album it's nice to hear just what a talented bunch of pickers, slappers and bangers they are behind all the in-your-face speed of their usual output. This is really excellent stuff in every regard. From the song writing to the playing through to the harmonies and the production. "Modern Country" is just country music without the o. This release from The Black Rose Phantoms is the real deal; not that candy-arsed shite you see on CMT. 

The O'Prez

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