Sunday, January 26, 2014

Batmobile "Wow!!"

(Doublelegs Records 2011)

Shoot Shoot
Midnight Maniac
Mad At You

For once Good Friday actually is a Good Friday!! Hammer's hard 7" was pushed through my slit this morning which made me scream with glee. "Mmmmm what a lovely package" I ejaculated*.

This limited edition slab (500 numbered copies) from everyone's favourite Rock Around The Clog exponents Batmobile features an acoustic quadruplet of songs. Three of these are reworkings of previous Batmobile ditties and the fourth hidden bonus track is a fannytastic 46 second version of Dave Philips' "Wow!".Colbert Hamilton aficionados will know this track too. So, what does the whole thing sound like? Well, have you ever found yourself down in the beer garden of your local pub on a Summer's evening and a raucous and most enjoyable impromptu jam session starts which lifts the spirits and makes you want to go on an all day bender? That's what this sounds like. The lads seemed to have great craic in the studio recording this. A sense of fun resonates through the whole thing. Between Hammer's lead vocals and the backing vocals it appears a right good auld knees up was had by all. According to the micro-interview with Hammer on the handsandarms website a new Batmobile album is in the pipeline. I hope it captures the same spontaneity and ahem...gaiety of this offering.

*ejaculated - the usage of the verb here was to "call out, yell " as opposed to "eject semen "...or was it the other way around?! I can't see the keyboard what with Hammer tea-bagging me at the moment.
The O'Prez 2011

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