Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sir Psyko And His Monsters "Welcome To Our Hell"

(Crazy Love Records 2012)

Welcome To Our Hell
What Have I Done?
Jimmy The Butcher
Dead Man Walking
Each Day (FTW)
Los Cuatros Condenados
Nowhere Train
Sir Psyko And His Monsters
Bad Girl
Human Hunter
The Crazies
Restless Heart
Long Way Back Home
King Of The Swamp
Till The End!
Out For Blood
On The Road
The Beast Is On The Way
Bastard Blues
 Sir Psyko And His Monsters are a band that until now I completely glossed over as I'm always trigger happy when it comes to growling vocals and I'm not a fan of live albums either. The only live stuff I've ever really liked is the Klub Foot stuff but that's more down to personal taste and the whole era they were recorded in more than anything else. So I was given this as a review copy and I'm glad I was. The atmosphere that's captured on this release is very reminiscent of those Klub Foot concerts I referred to previously. There's a lot more substance to Sir Psyko And His Monsters than just trying to sound evil. Their psychobilly sound to my ears is a 50/50 blend of rockabilly and punk. My own personal psychobilly preference is more of an 80/20 blend but again that's just me. Personal preferences aside there is no denying that the talent is dripping off these guys and it's obvious that they spend hours upon hours rehearsing and honing their music. It certainly shows in this live performance. If I was at this show would I have went to the merch stall and bought their CDs? Yes.
The O'Prez 2012

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