Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Alley Dukes "...Go Back To College!"

(Flying Saucer Records 2007)

Well, if they really went back to college then it wasn't to study for greater academic prowess! Judging by the photos in the rest of the CD booklet it was to observe lesbian shenanigans, topless debauchery and the fine art of spanking school girls arses! So, with that said I suppose I needn't review the music at all as you'll all want to rush out and buy it just for the erm, artistic direction of the graphics!

Opening proceedings, Mr. Danny Duke declares "If this ain't rockabilly you can suck my balls". Chillax Danny, I've listened to your fine album and it IS rockabilly so there'll be no need for any testicular styled threats! The music The Alley Dukes play is indeed 100% rockabilly but without the usual rockabilly references to "rockin', boppin' and cruisin'". Instead we're treated to non stop pervabilly lyrics...the subject matter of which is typically what an entire conversation would consist of on a drunken lads night out when we're not pretending to be all sensitive when some lovely ladies may be in earshot. Song title of the year goes to this classic: (I Broke Your Hymen) You Broke My Heart. You get the picture now right? So, add to the belly laugh song lyrics some fine up-tempo well constructed slap bass sing-along rockabilly and you have in a nutshell what The Alley Dukes have created on this album....and all their previous output for that matter!

If, like me, you love rockabilly but sometimes find the lyrical content to be somewhat clichéd then The Alley Dukes should appeal to you. Have a lads night in, crack open a few cans and put this album in your CD gets even funnier when your pissed and you can all sing along! Just make sure all the females are gone out to bingo or whatever it is they do.
The O'Prez 2007

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