Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shark Bait "One More Bite...The Album They Never Made"

(Self released 2012)

Cemetery Gates
Vampire Of My Love
Shark Bait
Night Time People
The Boogie Bin
Problem Child
She's My Girl
Necrophiliac Blues
One More Bite
Dublin's Shark Bait must deserve an entry in The Guinness Book Of Records for most time between inception and releasing a debut album. I first saw Shark Bait busking on Dublin's Liffey Street in 1988. It was a different time and a different atmosphere compared to the Dublin of today and its street culture...or lack there of. I was a nubile 18 and took great pride in walking down the street with them and their little horde of psychobilly ne'er do wells as we were led by a be-quiffed Simon Farrell with his double bass over his shoulder. A Kodak moment if ever there was one. This release captures that whole era perfectly. It has a real underground vibe. The only way you can tell this wasn't recorded in the 80s is that Finnegan's voice is deeper and more gravely than it was back then. This is straight ahead proper psychobilly with no frills. Unlike the majority of today's scene bands this is pure first wave material from a time where psychobillies were ex-rockabillies looking for something wilder and more dangerous. There's loads of rockabilly in it but played maniacally with seven shades of shit being beaten out of the slap bass and drums. The lads may have all grown up and in some cases relocated from their homeland since these songs were first written but this has that Dublin psychobilly sound of a bygone era stamped all over it.

The O'Prez 2012

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