Sunday, January 26, 2014

The KDV Deviators "...Lost Contact!"

(Drunkabilly Records 2012)

Escape From Planet X
Rampage Rock
Deviator Zone 86
Behind The Glass
One Foot In The Grave
Screams Of The Insane
Diary Of A Dead Labrat
The Lonely One
Out Of Orbit
Gravity Override
Buried Alive
Under Attack
Psyclops Man
Soylent Green

I could sum this album up in one phrase: "An embarrassment of riches." However that idiom alone wouldn't do it justice but when you hear it you'll know what I mean. Koefte and Co. have produced something very special here. Imagine if you will that Mad Sin, Torment and Batmobile had a seedy threesome backstage at the Klub Foot in the 1980s, then the resulting spawn would be this platter. It's a big blast of A-List 80s psychobilly with 21st century production values. However, unlike a lot of albums from that classic era there is nothing mercurial about this release. Everything from the production, the song writing, the musicianship, the vocals, even the packaging make it an A-Grade release. KDV's Deviators wear their influences on their sleeves (made all the more obvious by their tribute song in memory of Simon Brand) and they've taken those influences and made an album that screams old school psychobilly while at the same time giving the purists the two-finger salute.

The O'Prez2012

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