Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Tabaltix "Sex, Pugs and Rock'n'Roll"

(Crazy Love Records 2007)

Sex, Pugs And Rock'n'Roll
Hot To The Touch
For Me
Dead Man Walking
Jerkin' Back And 4th
Rob The Bank
Let's Dance
Back In Time
Jungle Fever
So Long Baby
No Time To Dance
Tabaltix Rock'n'Roll
 Remember when psychobilly was about fun and not about gore and metal guitars? The Tabaltix obviously do. You could place any one of these tracks on Kix 4 U's 1985 compilation Psycho Attack Over Europe and you wouldn't think they were recorded in 2007 OR that the band were Statesiders. Yes, that's right..The Tabaltix are one of thee best bands to come out of the UK/European mid 80s psychobilly boom...only it's not the mid 80s and they're from the other side of the Atlantic. You get the picture right? Old farts...erm...I mean...scholars of the old school classic psychobilly sound...REJOICE! I dare you to denounce this release.

The instrumentation, the production, the lyrics...everything about this album oozes 80s psychobilly sex do those lovely lipstick kisses from the 3 Tabaltik sexpots in the booklet! Basically what the Tabaltix have done here is take the cream of the crop of the first wave of psychobilly exponents and blended em all up to give us a nutritious well balanced kick up our respective arses and reminded us of what psychobilly used to sound like and with this release does once more. HOORAH! I give it 4 toothy smiles!
The O'Prez 2007

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