Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Magnetix "With Their Amazing First Album!"

(Crazy Love Record 2011)

10 Bones Skeleton Rock
Mystery Love
Planet Zero
Lost In Your Wonderland
Creature From Outer Space
King Rat Bop
Plastic And Concrete
Gone Gone Crazy
Lover Boy
Woodpecker Rock

What we have here is thee best release to come out of the psychobilly genre since the 1980s. As a matter of fact it sounds as if it was recorded in 1986 as opposed to 2010. The way psychobilly has evolved since the 80s though I suppose this might be regarded as neo rockabilly by today's more punk infused standards. But to my ears this is what psychobilly should sound like...psychopathic rockabilly. The Magnetix offer up an album with all my favourite elements: echo chamber vocals with hiccups and instrumental break screams, loud snare bashing with a slap bass that has audible notes as opposed to just clicks...the drums and bass seem to ricochet off each other...the guitar is clean sounding and the breaks make wild songs wilder. There's a feeling of excitement about this album. You'll be hard pressed to sit still listening to it. Not since I first heard Batmobile's debut album have I gotten this enthusiastic about a band.
I guarantee that everyone with a penchant for old school psychobilly will have a new entry in their list of "all time favourite albums" after hearing this.

The O'Prez 2011


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