Sunday, January 26, 2014

Los Gatos Locos "Even Sociopaths Get The Blues"

(Zodiac Killer Records 2011)

Dog Eat Dog
Until I Gain Control
The Sociopaths Blues
Stark Raving Normal
Climbing Texas Tower
American Gods
Running Free
Cut You Into Pieces
When I Go
The much-anticipated new studio album from Seattle ne'er-do-wells Los Gatos Locos has finally seen the light of day. Encased in what can only be described as thee best album artwork ever to be seen in the psychobilly realm (because I did it) is the hate filled Even Sociopaths Gets The Blues. Charlie Splatterhead's streptococcal pharyngitis-infused vocals are charged with aggression as he seethes his way through 11 audio-nasties. These guys have always had an air of menace about them and that perception is well and truly evident here. They sound credibly evil. Not just shlockabilly evil for the sake of gaining psychobilly brownie points. There's a lot of sociopolitical commentary disguised as horror-laden slap bass-driven psychobilly here. But there's plenty of straight ahead blood and guts related canticles to keep the usual suspects happy too. Los Gatos Locos have returned with an album that is a no nonsense psychobilly pastiche of violence and indignation.

The O'Prez 2011

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