Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Brains "Hell N' Back"

(Stumble Records 2007)

Hell N' Back
Scream For Me
More Brains
She My Devil
Six Feet
No More
Zombie Walk
Zombie Riot
 Canada eh? Home to the greatest psychobilly bands of the new Millennium? The Gutter Demons live there. The Creepshow do too! The Matadors? Yes, they also inhabit that sexiest of do Montreal's finest purveyors of all things so good yet so wrong...The Brains! So, Canada, home to the greatest psychobilly bands of the new Millennium? YES! Or OUI if you will (just to keep our bilingual Canadian chums happy).

The Brains are back with their second album featuring 12 new songs of which absolutely none are "fillers". You know, "yeah that song is alright, hmmmm, don't like that one...", you inevitably hit the skip button on your CD player, go back to the 2 or 3 songs you liked later! Well not so with this album. I put it on, the first song is great..the second is great, the third....great! I'm thinking to myself "surely they can't maintain this standard throughout!??". THEY DO! Excellent vocals sit astride some of the catchiest melodies and choruses you're ever likely to hear! Given the subject matter of the songs here...or at least the might think it's all death and demonic growling and standard psychobilly fare! WRONG! It's an uplifting affair! Maybe it's the harmonies? René's heartfelt vocal stylings? Perhaps it's quite simply that the band as a unit are fantastic at what they do. There's no point in going in to comparisons to elaborate on what The Brains sound like as they have a style unique on to themselves. From psychobilly to echo drenched rockabilly the boys are at the top of their league and The Brains don't rehash the aforementioned closely related musical genres with the same old predictable approach. This is different! This is talent at its finest and it shines through on EVERY song.

If you missed out on The Brains first album, then not to worry. It's included here in its entirety as bonus tracks as is a scorcher of a live track. As you may have guessed by now I'm quite taken with this release and I am NOT easily impressed. There are a handful of bands that get the O'Prez Official Seal Of Approval (and you all know what impeccable taste I have) and The Brains have just got a nice hot waxy stamp on each of their Quebecan arses!
The O'Prez 2007

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